Mindbugs fights misinformation through art & technology

AR Mobile app

The mobile app will be the easiest way for you to interact with augmented reality MindBugs all around the world. Each mindbug is an artistic representation of a piece of fake news and the users can distroy the fake news to its core symbolic elements.


Intrigued by how our minds can be misled, or how misinformation can distort our perception of reality?

Then this is the perfect place for you. Join us on this journey as we unravel the intricacies of fake news and delve into the cognitive blind spots that allow it to thrive. Let's discern truth from deception, together.

Destroy the MindBugs one by one and play your part in safeguarding our world!

Together, we can restore a world based on truth and understanding.

Download the app and get lost in this fascinating world!

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What MindBugs means?

MindBug is the graphic representation of a fake news. It incorporates the elements of manipulation through which fake news spread on social media, giving them an actual, graphical representation. Just like false information, the MindBugs are catchy, spread all around us with a neat and colorful image.

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