Mindbugs fights misinformation through art & technology

AR Mobile app

The mobile app will be the easiest way for you to interact with augmented reality MindBugs all around the city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Each mindbug is an artistic representation of a piece of fake news and the users can distroy the fake news to its core symbolic elements.

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Mindbugs App

If you are an art and technology addict, check our app!

Find mindbugs, get rewards, collect as many as you can and add them to your collection!

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What MindBugs means?

MindBug is the graphic representation of a fake news. It incorporates the elements of manipulation through which fake news spread on social media, giving them an actual, graphical representation. Just like false information, the MindBugs are catchy, spread all around us with a neat and colorful image.

The central hub

Located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, the Central Hub is a private space where visitors interact with artificial intelligence (AI) art installations. The installations are on three levels of virtualization in order to gradually introduce the viewer into the abstract tech space of fake media.

Eastern European Dataset of fake news

The dataset we are building consists of fake news specific to Romania and Eastern Europe. We want to gather collaborators in order to unite the existing small databases to create a large and high-quality dataset of Romanian fake news.

We started on our own but we are aware that without your help we will just create another small database of fake news. We believe that if we unite all the datasets under a bigger one, we can:
• add value to the academic community
• create a dataset that can be used from now on by the specialists
• increase the impact of the existing work
• increase the exposure of the initiatives that fight misinformation
• add an extra value to the existing databases by making them ready to be used with machine learning

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